Rapid Prototyping from a six year old

Source: designspectacleblog.wordpress.com

Kids are amazing prototypers. It is how they learn. Have you ever watched a two year old continually drop a toy to see what happens? She is experimenting. She is making sense of her world by doing.

I had a recent experience with my daughter that showed me that she is better at prototyping than I. We were making snowflakes – one of her favorite crafts. You fold paper several times. Next cut out some shapes. Then you unfold the paper to observe your snowflake – except that is not what my daughter did. She would cut a little then unfold the paper to she what she had made. Cut a little more and then check it out. Cut a little more and then it was done. My method was to cut, cut, cut and then unfold to see what it looked like.

What my daughter was doing was prototyping. As opposed to me – I was just cutting away and waiting until it was too late to change course. Have you made the mistake I have made before? Maybe it was with a project – you worked weeks and weeks without getting feedback. Or a presentation – you spent two days getting everything right before showing it to your boss. Try and take a cue from a six year old and check out your snowflake before it is too late.

I’ll save more on kids prototyping for later when I cover Tom Wujec’s TED talk.


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