How to: Rock-paper-scissors throw-down

1…2…3….Ahhh! Paper covers rock. Rock crushes scissors. Scissors cut paper. Who hasn’t played Rock-Paper-Scissors? This post covers how to have a rock-paper-scissors throw-down (i.e. tournament). The throw-down is a great way to get a group energized. I learned this while at Stanford’s and I’ve used it when we are moving from a larger group setting into a small group.

Ok…this is so easy, I feel a little silly outlining the steps.

  1. Have everyone in the group find an opponent
  2. Play your opponent in RPS…just one round (no best 2 out of 3)
  3. If you win, you go find another opponent
  4. If you lose, you become the biggest cheerleader for whomever beat you (I mean you are screaming something like “Scott!!! Scott!!! Scott!!!”)
  5. You are now a groupy for whoever beat you, or whoever beats that person
  6. Repeat until you have half of the room yelling for person A and half of the room yelling for person B.
  7. Carry off the winner on everyone’s shoulders. Leave pumped up and ready to conquor the world.

Advanced Calculus

We recently did this challenge between two offices (Birmingham and Cincinnati). The winner from Birmingham played the winner from Cincinnati. I’m not sure there has ever been a two office RPS challenge, but we did it! Everyone left the meeting excited and full of energy. Watch the video to see how much fun this is.


4-18-2013 6-20-31 PM


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