Lean wins. Every. time.

Lean is all about eliminating waste. The concept can be applied to manufacturing, product development, startups and leadership, just to name a few.

Since waste can never be completely eliminated, it gives us a true north to always strive for.

Don’t confuse lean for economy. It could even mean the opposite. Lean simply means that every interaction, every test, every item shipped serves some purpose. All is done by design.

Lean wins because it’s intentional. It’s purposeful. If your competition isn’t learning from their mistakes, they are not practicing lean methodology. If you are not learning from short words you had with your spouse or kids, if you are not getting your ideas in front of your customers before it’s to late to make changes, if you are not giving the members of your team meaningful opportunities to take risks, you are not practicing the lean way.

I am convinced that as we have more choices as consumers, businesses will have to be “lean.” We won’t stand for waste. Those that make the most of our feedback – the insights to be gain from empathizing with us – will win. Every. time.


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