Luis von Ahn: Massive-scale online collaboration

I wanted to share another awesome TED talk…everytime I discuss it with someone, I get chills or the hairs on my arm stand on end.

Luis von Ahn and his team have stumbled upon a great recipe for a business:

  1. Combine something that people have to do or want to do (for Luis it was entering in a code on the internet to prove you are a human). It helps if this is done millions of times a day
  2. Add in something that can be done while the individual is doing #1 that is done best by a human (for Luis it is deciphering words in books that the computer couldn’t properly recognize when the book was digitized).

I am still working out ideas…maybe I will find a good use for the 150 times a day I enter in my pass code onto my iPhone.

Hope you enjoy the TED talk.


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