Wired to care

One of my life goals is to write a book. Every day is an opportunity to work out the content. This blog is a place for me to practice my writing. Repeat each and every day until I have a story to tell and the ability to write it. Sounds like a decent plan, right?

A great title for my book would be “Wired to care.” I’ve been blogging a lot about the importance of empathy. I could tell the world about how companies prosper when they create widespread empathy.  I would take readers inside of big companies like IBM, Target, and Intel to see widespread empathy in action. I would show you how we are designed to be empathetic. This book would be awesome.

Sadly, (or “fortunately”, if you can read!), Dev Patnaik has already written this book. So you should go and read it. I am only a chapter deep, but I am loving what I see. I’ll be sure to devote a couple of posts to the content.

Buy Patnaik’s book, but save $10-20 for my upcoming work. It will be worth the money and the wait!


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