Never Too Late

In honor of National Blog Post Month (nablopomo if you want to sound hip) I am attempting another post-a-day challenge.

The timing could not be worse. It’s been challenging to find the time to post once a week, so I’m not sure where I will find the time for a post a day. But I am assuming it’s there somewhere!

In order to help the creative juices flow, I am using a theme for this challenge – song titles. As a lover of music, I am often inspired by lyrics. Just to make this a little more specific, I will only use song titles from the Live at KEXP albums (KEXP is an awesome alternative radio station in Seattle).

It’s never too late to challenge and stretch yourself. Nablopomo here I come!


2 thoughts on “Never Too Late

  1. Lance, I was a DJ at my college station KSPC and we played some cool and interesting alternative music way back in the 80’s. I also hosted a heavy metal show. I like your blog idea. I checked out Volume Nine and would like to suggest Vox Mod’s Quenched Conciousness for your next blog. I look forward to your post. Rock on! Dave

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