November is National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo). This post is part of my post-a-day challenge. I have picked a theme for the challenge: song titles. These songs have been featured on live albums from KEXP (an awesome alternative radio station in Seattle), so at a minimum you will hear some great music.

I am not creative. I can’t draw, I can’t play the guitar, I can’t write, etc.

Have you told this to yourself before? Or have you seen a friend and thought, “this girl is really creative. I wish I was creative! Life would be more fun.”

I want to inform you that this line of thinking is a myth. You don’t need to become more creative. You ARE creative. We are all born creative.

What is a tent and some sheets to a six year old boy? It could be a fort, a rocket, a ship, a train. It could be anything. Why? Because of how inherently creative children are. Play for them is simply being creative around normal, common objects.

But if we start out creative, where in our life journey do we lose touch creativity? Somewhere along the way, society and our education system beats creativity out of us. It becomes un-cool to make mistakes. Saying “something dumb” has real social consequences.

This tendency towards denying one’s creative side is troubling, but the good news is that it’s still there. Deep down inside, latent, ready to be awaken from its slumber. You ARE creative!

I hope my story and experience with design thinking shows that we are all creative. If a spreadsheet geek like myself can tap into my creative side, you can too.

Here’s three steps to tapping into creativity:

Step 1: Gain some inspiration from what you can do with creative thinking. For me this was done at the and by Doug Dietz’s TEDx talk.

Step 2: Find some people who will experiment with you. I found this at work. I have a tremendous support network that wanted to explore what I had learned at the

Step 3: Have a small win. Keep trying Step 2 until something works and then tell everyone about it. We had a few projects shortly after I came back from the that benefited from design thinking.

It’s not hard, but it does involve taking some risk. But what in life is worth doing that doesn’t involve some risk?

Come with me and awaken your creativity.


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