Lost In My Mind

November is National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo). This post is part of my post-a-day challenge. I have picked a theme for the challenge: song titles. These songs have been featured on live albums from KEXP (an awesome alternative radio station in Seattle), so at a minimum you will hear some great music.

Do you ever get lost in your own mind? You have an idea or there is a task you want to accomplish. You think and you think and you think, but nothing seems to happen.

I’ve stumbled onto some good solutions for the problem of being lost in your own mind

1. Break big projects/tasks into smaller steps. Imagine you are climbing a ladder. You know that you want to get to the top (that is your objective), but you can’t get to the top until you put your hand on the next rung. For your project, what is the next rung? What is the next thing you need to physically do? Even if it is something as small as “capture notes from the XYZ conference” go and do that.

2. Write everything down. If you think I need to get milk at the store. Don’t just think it, make a note of it. Better yet add it to a list that you keep your grocery items on. I trust my mind to remember very little (those close to me know that this is a wise move on my part!). I tend to write every thought to “do” something down.

3. Work on projects / problems with others. Talking through a potential idea, solution, problem, etc with a friend or co-worker is important to keep from getting lost in your mind. Better yet, if you can show them something physical or what you have written down, this will help them experience your idea, solution or problem.

Try some of these ideas to keep from getting lost in your mind.


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