Connect For

November is National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo). This post is part of my post-a-day challenge. I have picked a theme for the challenge: song titles. These songs have been featured on live albums from KEXP (an awesome alternative radio station in Seattle), so at a minimum you will hear some great music.

You have 600 friends on Facebook, 350 LinkedIn connections and 500 followers on Twitter. But do you have any connections?

Connections = community. Said another way, your connections form your community. One hundred years ago, you would have relied upon the community for much of life. Everything from the barn raising to the sharing of crops. You would have given as much as you took.

But how do you use your connections today? How do you contribute to your network today?

One the best books I have ever read about networking is Never Eat Alone, by Keith Ferrazzi. Ferrazzi views his network similar to how he views tools that he has in his shed.

Every time he acquires a new saw or shovel, he thinks about who he knows that might also need to use the tool. When Ferrazzi sees a neighbor is doing some yard work, his mind goes to his shed. “What do I have that could help Jerry out?” He realized that the entire community can benefit from what is in his shed.

In the same way, we should use our network to help our community. Have you ever had the chance to meet someone and said “I think I’ll pass – I don’t think I would benefit from talking with her.” True, you might not benefit, but maybe the connection would be useful for someone in your network.

Acquire connections with the intent of sharing. Use your network for the betterment of your community. Challenge yourself and evaluate how much effective you are in leveraging your network for OTHERS.

You and I need to be reminded that this life isn’t all about us. Connect for others.


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