Tap, tap…

Tap, Tap…Is this thing on?

I was doing research on habits and I gained inspiration to start writing daily. Before you unsubscribe, I don’t think I’ll be posting daily, just writing daily.

James Clear runs a fantastic website on habits and behavior change. I came across a post of his regarding the Seinfeld principle, named after the comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

The basic idea is that Seinfeld practices his comedy every day by writing jokes. He keeps an enormous calendar on his wall and marks a red “X” for every day that he writes jokes. Quality doesn’t matter, it’s simply the act of writing the jokes that is important.

After a short time, Seinfeld strings together 7 or 8 days in a row and there’s momentum to keep going. He’s now motivated to see how long can he keep the chain going. There’s lots of science behind this habit change method and there are many helpful apps to get you started. One of my favorite, chains.cc, is below.

I’ll be doing more writing on habit creation and behavior. There are lots of exciting things happening in this area. For now, I’m over my goal of 100 words a day, so more to come…


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